Copy of How To Order

Due the amount of time and care of each custom order I have a LIMITED space. 

To book your order and secure a date on my calendar you will need to pay a $20 non refundable deposit that will go toward your order. The remaining balance will need to be paid a week prior to event date. 

The following Dates ARE NOT available for 2021* due to Major holidays. Each holiday I will have a Pre-Sale of Holiday Themed Cookies :)

January: 1st-18th

February: 7th-15th

March: 24th- 31st

April: 1st- 6th

May: 5th-9th

*additional days may be added.


Step 1- Select your date and pay your deposit. Click the link  below.


March Dates: 

April Dates : 

May Dates:

June Dates:

July Dates: 

August Dates:

September Dates:

October Dates:

November Dates:

December Dates: